• Overview

Ovid's PayPerView Service

Ovid's PayPerView service enables clinicians, students and researchers to expand their information reach by purchasing immediate access to the full text content in [email protected] to which their institution has not subscribed. This service is available to customers searching in Ovid and by users who want to link to Ovid full text from external sites.

PayPerView ensures that today's clinicians and researchers will always have access to the essential content needed to make the most informed decisions possible — decisions that are about improving patient care and assisting medical breakthroughs. Administrators can be confident that their patrons will have fast, secure, and seamless access to all the vital information they need, without over–stretching the library budget.

PayPerView articles can be purchased by users of the following searching platforms: Ovid, PubMed, and CrossRef (inbound).

Using PayPerView
Using PayPerView is fast, easy, and secure. You can purchase as many individual articles as you desire by using your credit card within our secure purchasing environment. To complete your purchase you will be asked to create an account. This account allows you to link to your currently available PayPerView articles or you can revisit your account at any time to amend or view your current account information.

Administering PayPerView
PayPerView is a convenient way to expand the information reach you provide for your patrons. By using an administrative interface, you can limit use of PayPerView to groups of users or select the service for all users. In either case, you can feel confident that your users will have access to the content they need, even when the information source does not fit within your overall subscription plan.

Search PayPerView
Expand your information reach by purchasing immediate access to the full text content in [email protected] to which your institution has not subscribed.