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Your Complete Online Research Solution

Ovid is the world's leading information search, discovery, and management solution providing professionals in science, medicine, and healthcare all over the world with a single online destination for seamlessly accessing and working with premium online journals, books, and databases from the world's leading publishers.

Additionally, it offers you research productivity tools so whether you're managing large scale, document-intensive projects or making time-sensitive, evidence-based decisions, Ovid delivers the flexibility, speed, and efficiency you're looking for:

  • Industry-leading search technology - includes sophisticated mapping functionality
  • Natural language searching - returns text and multimedia results ranked on relevancy
  • Search filters - helps fine-tune and refine text and multimedia searches
  • Dedicated work area - stores, organizes, and manages research projects and documents
  • Search - includes controlled vocabulary terms or command line syntax for greater focus and precision

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Why Ovid?

This innovative platform is designed to save you time and maximize your research productivity, by offering: a variety of search styles; an intuitive interface; customizable and flexible work productivity tools, a dedicated work area for managing and organizing critical research findings; and unique add-on tools for extending your research activity beyond Ovid. That means you can spend more time focused on your research, stay ahead of advancements in your field, and work the way you want to work.

  • Search the way you want - whether you search by basic phrase, DOIs, index/tree, database fields like author or ISSN, Ovid will return results ranked by relevancy. For more advance users, using Advanced Search or Multi-Field Search to search by command line syntax, combined search terms or limits can bring greater focus to your searches.
  • Citation management options - select a preferred style-such as Ovid, Chicago, MLA, and many others when viewing, printing, or exporting to your citation manager. Export choices also include preferred format, tagged text, and the option to include full-text links, search history, and annotations.
  • Get alerts on your content - receive AutoAlerts or eTOCS via email or RSS automatically whenever new articles matching your search criteria or new issues become available.
  • Browse Multimedia - the dedicated browsing area for all available multimedia content on Ovid; filter by subject/category, duration, media type, etc. to drill down to the videos and images you want.
  • My Projects - the research organization space within Ovid where users can assemble all of their research materials and organize them into distinct work projects, including citations, videos, images, full-text, and more.

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Open Access

Now Featuring OvidOpenAccess - Immediate, Unrestricted Access to Full-Text

Immediate and unrestricted access, via Ovid, to thousands of full-text resources from peer-reviewed and scholarly international journals

Today's medical and scientific professionals - whether they're involved in research or clinical practice - require easy access to research material that's published everywhere in the world so they can keep up-to-date on the latest theories and practices and improve healthcare outcomes. That's why the Open Access publishing model - which enables the free and fast flow of important papers, studies, and articles - is so critical to the research life cycle.

The benefits of Open Access publishing include:

  • Immediate access to unrestricted research - including evidence-based material - produced by medical and healthcare professionals located all over the world
  • Discovery of hard-to-find research published globally
  • A shared forum for the public discussion of current and up-to-date medical research
  • Increased visibility for authors of cutting-edge research
  • Easy dissemination of important research findings, especially for educational purposes
  • Cost reductions for budget-challenged institutions and those in emerging economies

With OvidOpenAccess, all institutional subscribers to Ovid can offer their users an opportunity to discover relevant Open Access material alongside their subscribed Ovid content in a single integrated search - at no additional cost. This freely available content is displayed in a separate and easily identifiable search results set.

Search results set include:

  • Growing list of over 70,000 journal articles and abstracts from more than 200-peer reviewed and highly cited clinical and research journals published by Medknow Publications, one of the world's largest Open Access publishers and affiliated with more than 160 professional medical societies and associations
  • Bibliographic citations of articles published in more than 1,000 unembargoed journals accessible through PMC (formerly known as PubMed Central), a critical digital source of biomedical literature - much of it hard-to-find archival material - from the U.S. National Institutes of Health
  • Wide variety of medical and scientific disciplines, including nursing, general medicine, pharmacology, and alternative medicine, as well as evidence-based medicine and research

Plus, users can use save and export their OvidOpenAccess search results into a project or folder in My Projects!

Want more information? Download the OvidOpenAccess Resources factsheet:
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Get the Most Out of Ovid

Whether you're a first-time Ovid customer or an experienced user, Ovid's training and help options can make using Ovid products smooth and efficient.

Ovid offers novice, intermediate, and advanced workshops to help you and your organization get the most out of your Ovid experience. Our web-based sessions give you the opportunity to learn new features and navigation techniques. We also provide access to online tutorials and training tools to help you refine your search skills on Ovid.

To see a full list of training opportunities, visit our Training & Support section.

What Your Peers are Saying about Ovid

"Ovid is by far the best search platform out there." Medical Librarian

"Basic Search is a great feature for getting a snapshot of the literature on a particular topic and for identifying records whose terms can be used in an Advanced Search." Public Services Manager at a Health Sciences Library

"Multiple search modes allow for our users to utilize whichever interface they feel most comfortable with and which provides them with the best results. The ability to email search results has been the most popular tool amongst our heaviest users." Information Resources Specialist at a Technical Library

"The most helpful feature is flexibility! Users and professional searchers alike will appreciate being guided through the mapping process, selecting terms as appropriate, seeing the search steps immediately, and obtaining new results from different combinations." Associate Curator for Public Services at a Medical Center

The Librarian's One-Stop Shop on Ovid

Increase your patrons' awareness and usage of the available content your library subscribes to on Ovid. Don't start from scratch; we have the available resources in the Ovid Librarian toolkit to market your library. Additionally, get some hot topics and search recommendations from your peer librarians.

Available in the Librarian Toolkit:

  • Tools and widgets to add to your library pages or intranet
  • Buttons and screensavers for your library portal
  • Customizable flyers, email templates and posters
  • Hot topics that your peers are reading
  • Expert search recommendations in health science, life science, psychology, engineering and more

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Get More with Ovid Resource Center

The Ovid Resource Center is your first stop for fast answers to a wide variety of marketing, training, and customer support questions.

Visit the Ovid section for the latest platform news, marketing material, FAQ's, reference guides, and more. Many of them have been translated into other languages for our international customers.

As we continue to upgrade Ovid with new features and functionality, we'll continue to revise existing materials and create new ones.

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