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Comprehensive Nursing and Allied Health Solution

[email protected] offers a wide and growing range of high-quality bibliographic and full-text resources from numerous premium publishers for the nursing and allied health communities - in education and training, in practice, in research and in administration.

This groundbreaking solution is designed to save your nursing professionals time by maximizing their research productivity and offers key functionality, including:

  • [email protected] interface - simple, easy-to-use, and built with the architecture of Ovid
  • My Workspace - save, manage, and organize research documents and findings into projects and folders
  • Ovid Nursing Subject Thesaurus - a proprietary controlled vocabulary that meets the specific needs of nursing and allied health professionals.
  • Ovid Nursing Database - this proprietary bibliographic data set indexes over 400 journals and periodicals from all over the world and is indexed against the Ovid Nursing Subject Thesaurus
  • Premium full-text resources - highly-cited nursing and allied health journals published by leading publishers, including Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Why [email protected]?

Built on architecture of Ovid architecture, [email protected] provides users with a familiar interface and all of the research productivity tools they know and trust from Ovid, enhanced with specific elements of functionality designed around the nurse's workflow including:

  • Search the way you want - whether you search by basic phrase, DOIs, index/tree, database fields like author or ISSN, [email protected] will return results ranked by relevancy. For more advance users, using Advanced Search or Multi-Field Search to search by command line syntax, combined search terms or limits can bring greater focus to your searches.
  • Get alerts on your content - receive AutoAlerts or eTOCS via email or RSS automatically whenever new articles matching your search criteria or new issues become available.
  • My Projects - the research organization space within [email protected], where users can assemble all of their research materials and organize them into distinct work projects.
  • Ovid Nursing Subject Thesaurus - unique controlled vocabulary, along with an associated lexicon, helps [email protected] correctly understand real-world nursing terminology and medical technical language to assure relevancy and precision.
  • Ovid Nursing Database - bibliographic data that's central to the working needs of nursing and allied health professionals, complete with over 400 indexed journals and periodicals, access to precise and relevant records and focused specialty areas.
  • Core set of journals from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - premium Lippincott journals, covering everything from oncology to critical care to administration, are available from one of the world's most respected nursing, medical, and healthcare publishers. Key titles include: Cancer Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), JONA: Journal of Nursing Administration, Journal of Nursing Care Quality, Nursing Research, and more.
  • Ovid Toolbar - this downloadable feature is a great tool for users who want to add links or documents from other sites outside the [email protected] interface to My Projects folders.

Want more information? Download the [email protected] factsheet:
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Get the Most Out of [email protected]

Whether you're a first-time Ovid customer or an experienced user, Ovid's training and help options can make using Ovid products smooth and efficient.

Ovid offers novice, intermediate, and advanced workshops to help you and your organization get the most out of your Ovid experience. Our web-based sessions give you the opportunity to learn new features and navigation techniques. We also provide access to online tutorials and training tools to help you refine your search skills on Ovid.

To see a full list of training opportunities, visit our Training & Support section.

The Librarian's One-Stop Shop on Ovid

Increase your patrons' awareness and usage of the available content your library subscribes to on Ovid. Don't start from scratch; we have the available resources in the Ovid Librarian toolkit to market your library. Additionally, get some hot topics and search recommendations from your peer librarians.

Available in the Librarian Toolkit:

  • Tools and widgets to add to your library pages or intranet
  • Buttons and screensavers for your library portal
  • Customizable flyers, email templates and posters
  • Hot topics that your peers are reading
  • Expert search recommendations in health science, life science, psychology, engineering and more

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Get More with Ovid Resource Center

The Ovid Resource Center is your first stop for fast answers to a wide variety of marketing, training, and customer support questions.

Visit the [email protected] section for the latest platform news, marketing material, FAQ's, reference guides, and more. Many of them have been translated into other languages for our international customers.

As we continue to upgrade [email protected] with new features and functionality, we'll continue to revise existing materials and create new ones.

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